Gordius Promo Pack

Gordius Promo Pack allows you to contact new audience with great results on page visits, social media, brand awareness and successful conversion!
Διαγωνισμός στο Facebook

Facebook Contest

Find the gift that will attract your audience more effectively and we will create a contest for it on your Facebook page! The contest will have its terms and conditions and the participants can join by entering their contact info.

Facebook Advert

We boost the contest with an advertising campaign in Facebook. The advertisement will invite participants to enter their details and accept the contest's terms, leaving to their discretion if they wish to receive newsletter updates and offers via email. Liking your Facebook page is required.
Διαφήμιση στο Facebook

Newsletter Design

After the competition, we can use the participants' emails in order to send an offer relative to the prize given, a shopping coupon or anything related. Participants agreeing to the terms of our contest allow us to send them emails, which is handled by our platform and allows them to unsubscribe any time they want. The design is based on the company's brand identity and offers returns to the participants.
Σχεδιασμός Newsletter

Μαζική αποστολή emails

Mass Sending

As mentioned above, sending emails through our platform is essential in order not to be marked as spam and arise legal issues. The emails will contain links to your website and social media in order to increase traffic.


Sending emails is not a stand-alone operation, but a live channel of communication which works over time, with periodic contact with the registered users.
Social Media Networking

Facebook Likes

Facebook Likes

People who take part in the competition are required to like the company's page, so it helps grow the user base on Facebook. this way more people receive the publications and news via Facebook


The most important part of the campaign is after attracting the public and committing them on both social media and newsletter, converting the participants into active customers through the comeback offer or coupon.
User Conversion

The list of participants forms a solid user base for communicating company news and product deals. The frequency of updates is the key to maintaining the user base and enhance the brand awareness of your company, while it produces traffic to your site through links as well. Another important use of the user base is filling questionnaires from users about products and services.

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